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Meet Kathleen


Dr. Kathleen carterMartinez, D.A.A.E.T.S., CRT, CSA has a passion for Compassionate Recovery from Trauma, is a  writer, poet, and clinical psychotherapist. Dr. Kc received her Doctorate in Healthcare from Nova Southeastern University, her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and her Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


At CheyWind Center for Trauma and Healing, Dr. Kathleen carterMartinez, advocates for a holistic mindful approach to trauma and healing. Through her work at CheyWind Center, Dr. Kc provides hope and comfort for all who live in the aftermath of trauma that arises from the heartbreaking loss of our loved ones. 

Dr. carterMartinez is a Diplomate in Traumatic Stress with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Dr. Kc is driven by a passion to work with those who have been wounded by personal traumatic events and guides us on the journey from trauma to healing through empathy and compassionate trauma recovery.

“In the good work being done in this world to help, heal and raise people up, the foundation of that work has to come first and foremost from the heart. In her life’s work as a storyteller, a mother, a wife or a friend, Kathleen’s caring comes straight from the heart. That will always create healing and positive results on any and all levels.”


Roy Hurd

Adirondack Performer & World Class Singer Songwriter



"A beautifully written book that challenges people of all ages to feel from the heart in order to heal and understand the journey of life. Extremely touching as I received in memory of my dear friend Geri."

Leslie N. Tronaro

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