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Compassionate Life 

Dr. Kc is dedicated to helping

those, who have experienced

personal traumatic events, regain balance in their lives through a mindful

approach to lifelong recovery.


Dr.Kc’s talks and teachings are designed

to inspire others who work within the field of

trauma to understand what it means to live in

the aftermath of personal trauma.


Dr.Kc’s workshops are designed to meet the

unique needs of healthcare, emergency room,

counselors & law enforcement providers who are looking for a more compassionate way to help those

who have experienced personal traumatic events.

Dr.Kathleen carterMartinez

What She Does >

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Dr. carterMartinez is a member of ICISF, the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and the American Academy of Experts on Traumatic Stress where she holds a certification in rape trauma (CRT) and a certification in sexual assault (CSA).

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