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Where Do We Come From? Where Do We Go’ is a beautifully written book for children and adults of all ages. At the end of the day, this book speaks to the heart of the child within each and every one of us regardless of age about what it means to lose someone that we love. This book provides comforting answers for a child’s most fearful and painful questions about what happens when we lose someone that we love.


Where Do We Come From invites us on a journey of what happens when we lose someone? Where do they go? Are they gone forever? Are we ever really alone? Where Do We Come From enfolds the adult reader and child listener alike in a cloak of healing, comfort, and love as they travel through the beautiful illustrations of the struggle, we all have when we can no longer see the person we love. Come with us on this journey called life as we learn to believe that our loved ones are always with us, in this world and the next.


Remember we love you more than all of the stars... And all of the moons... And all of the universe... And all there ever was for all time! We are always with you in this world and the next! Nothing… nothing can ever change that!


"Permission Granted is a very good read. I found Kathleen's story very enlightening. There is something in here for everyone. Don't be scared by the reference to abuse, sexual assault, and rape. Her thoughtful writing teaches the reader about the ways you can support and or help heal your loved one. Buy two! One for yourself and share one with a friend."

Mary Jane Paolella

This book is different. This book is about 'after the fact'! From the first chapter to the last, "Permission Granted" takes us on the journey of healing after experiencing physical and emotional trauma that are the result of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

"Permission Granted" is meant to be a simple, quiet read to help us understand what it means to live in the aftermath of a personal traumatic event and to understand what it means to live with the sorrow of personal trauma.

This book is different, in "Permission Granted" ‘Dr. Kc’ describes with empathy and compassion the struggle to find a way back home.

Permission Granted" helps both compassionate listeners and wounded alike to understand the profound life altering affect that trauma brings to everyday life.

We hope to understand why we seem unable to leave the past behind and why we cannot find our way to tomorrow. Trauma is trauma. There is the day before the personal traumatic event and then there is the moment of the traumatic event. What happens between these two moments in time, seemingly changes one’s life forever, as tomorrow never seems to come.

This book is different for it asks the most important question: ‘How do you want to live with this personal traumatic experience?’

This book is written in the collective voice of 'we' as "Permission Granted" invites both wounded and compassionate listener alike to join us on the journey to healing, we do not ask you to qualify to be here. All are welcome.

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